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Our relationship with God is a journey and we want to help teens navigate through and to Him! We introduce youth to Jesus and His Church on Connect Saturdays. We answer questions for the curious and support their budding relationship with Jesus on Sync Nights. And when a High School teen has made the decision to respond to God by being His disciple, we help them go deeper in their faith and grow as His disciple as part of the Youth Evangelization Team or YET.

As a part of YET, High School teens form small groups that meet on a monthly basis to pray together, share their lives and learn how to evangelize other teens. Small groups are led by adult advisors who are disciples of Jesus and who seek to disciple teens through the highs and lows of adolescent life. The biggest opportunities for the YET to witness and introduce others to Jesus is on Connect Saturdays and weekly Sync Nights. 

If you are a youth and have responded to God's call to be His disciple and are feeling called to join the YET, contact Matt Regitz